journal Hunting Down Some Of My Favourite Movie/TV Clips (part 1) [spoilers!]

Published → Sunday, October 1, 2017 6:59 PM

_In no particular order. work in progress. _

0. Vogsphere – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

One of my favourite stories, is the Hitchhikers Guide series by Douglas Adams. They picture a world very simular to our own, but full of clever twists and knacks. I prefer the audio books over this movie or even the book. The movie does have almost all my favourite actors in it, so I do like to watch it – I just skip the boring parts.

This scene needs a bit introduction. Vogons are one of the most unpleasant creatures in the galaxy. They are Douglas adaptation of an old fashion typical bureaucrat – who has forms, procedures for everything, looks at the clock, is unpleasant and cannot think (or isn’t allowed to) creatively or be happy.

Vogsphere is their planet – where idd thinking, ideas and creativity have consequences.

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This scene/writing is just brilliant – it works on so many levels. At the surface – it’s funny, mysterious and weird – we never really know what those things are. At first your equally surprised as Arthur is – not really knowing “.. did .. something just? just slap me?..”.

After a while it becomes clear that you get slapped whenever you think or have an idea. You see them struggle with that: how can we avoid getting slapped? which in turn causes them to get slapped again because.. you know they were thinking!

The scene ends with them running as fast as they can towards the dull gray office blocks were the Vogons have imprisoned the girl they are trying to free before she gets eaten alive.

But think about this scene a bit longer – are the Vogons unpleasant because they are born on a planet were literally every idea you have, you get slapped? Or do you get slapped just because the Vogons make it that way – you know like a totalitarianism society does. Or are Vogons literally evolved into a non-idea thinking species and they just don’t know any better?

Now thinking further, isn’t this a very good depiction of what happens IRL when you get negative criticism on your ideas? What happens if thats a default?

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1. The End Scene – First Wives Club (1996)

Very empowering end to a so-so movie. I love how even the dance moves match the persona, but then the casting in this movie is spot on.

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2. The Black River Scene – Hocus Pocus (1993)

This is one of my favourite halloween movies, despite I’m not found of Dani at all. The witches on the other hand  – are just superb. There are many many great scenes in this “kids” movie but this one in which the witches first go looking for the book cracks me up every time!

So much is told in these 2-minutes: what it must feel like to ‘propel 300 years into the future’, that they are gullible into believing stuff b/c well magic is real and their characters.
Besides that the striding is just marvellous 😀

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