Who the hell am I?

Published → 3 years ago
1 min read

🤔 Hmm...Good question! I'm a thinker, thinkerer and builder of things. What?

You want my name?

Oh! Yes. 😊

Let's start that again, shall we?

Hi there, 👋 I’m Veerle Deschepper, a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, writer, photographer, reader, painter, and I love to create Art – every tiny bit of it. I’m also a lego, geocaching, cats and X-files fan.

And yes... I do have my very own homelab in Gentbrugge -thats in Belgium- with lots, lots, and lots of gear. 😏

Oh. Yeah. I do speak Dutch as well. In fact it’s my mother tongue.. tefchnically..

I ❤ my cat, my friends, my family, boardgames, doodling, writing, Lego, code, 3D printing, drawing, photography, improving my life, reading, being outdoors and finding hidden treasures.

Sometimes I write useful posts, sometimes very silly, and a bit dark ones. But most times I write, create, build, code, play and explore other realities.

.. I’m also a Scout for life – Creative Sifaka – present!

INFP – Work.In.Progress ✌️