🤔 about movies: The Big Short

Published → 6 years ago
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You can watch media solely for the entertainment or with the intend to learn something. While doing the first, the good ones always do the latter too. Even if you're not aware: the influence of media on us humans is HUGE. It depends. On the media. That's true. But more on 'where you are' as a person.

It's like those good Pixar movies, the ones that always have multiple layers depending on the age of the viewer. Kids see other things than adults -- or teens and yet they all enjoy the movie together. Even multiple times! 😄


The Big Short is based on true facts:

Four denizens in the world of high-finance predict the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s, and decide to take on the big banks for their greed and lack of foresight.

For me the first underlying message of this movie is that people will go at length to find structures, loopholes and make things as possible as can be. It also illustrated that when people don’t understand things anymore they sort of explode in their heads and you see them panicking. The only option left is to agree on something; they don’t understand it but it does sound goed so it must be good.

The second was that no matter what you think is the lowest it can get; there is always someone to prove you wrong. It can be in fact much much worse.

Third: people never agree with others who do things they don't understand. In their eyes that person is failing miserably aka making a wreck of things. But in reality they just cannot understand what he sees. When they feel like he is making a big mistake -they are loosing- ergo he must be wrong.

They lost the confidence in his abilities despite praising them when it benifited them. Now they revert to the only thing they can: shouting, cursing, threaten -- all reactions of fear. Mostly for the global unknown: the future. They shoot at people who try to make a stand and just want them to stop standing up. They want them to shut the hell up and just tell them all will be well — you know, things you say if you would lie to a (small) child.

Something worth nothing is that a lot of people simply didn’t do their job. Worse: they forgo every moral thing what makes us human. They just mulch over their fellow man. They even gloat and brag about how they just screwed someone over. No wonder almost everyone hates their job: this eats at you. If you not.. well hmm..

If the movie is right, the main players in this surely got rich doing this. they saw an opportunity and took it. But at the same time they traded it for something they took for granted. They traded their humanity. This is purely greed. more. more. more. always more. never be content by what is. selfish behaviour at best.

At the same time: they where right to take that opportunity. It's human. I just hope that they used some of the money to help the people who got screwed over.

Another thing, more personal thing is that I realise it is actually an asset to be different. That it is good to be true to yourself and I got to see myself in the movie. 😊

I wrote this in 2017, edited it a bit for clearity and made my thoughts public in 2021